Word of Mouth: The dangers of tobacco for your oral health

IT’S NO SECRET that smoking is bad for your lungs, but did you know that it can be especially devastating to your oral health, too? Smoking has a negative effect on every part of your mouth.


On the surface, smoking affects your attractive qualities. In your mouth, tobacco smoke stains your teeth and tongue an unappealing shade of brown. It also gives you bad breath. Furthermore, smoking can rob you of your sense of taste and smell.


The skin-deep effects of smoking on your oral health are unattractive at best, but they are nothing compared to the damaging consequences that go beyond what meets the eye. For one, just as smoking can cause lung cancer, it also puts you in danger of oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer because it’s rarely caught in its early stages. Statistically, oral cancer claims the life of approximately one American every hour.

Then, as if the dangers of cancer were not enough, smoking also increases your chances of developing gum disease that can lead to tooth and bone loss. Smoking also delays healing after a tooth extraction or dental surgery, and it lowers the success rate of dental implants.

Let the fact that smoking can destroy your smile and good oral health serve as your reason to finally quit. Look to your doctor and dentist for help with quitting and keeping your mouth as healthy as possible.

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BIO: Dr. William Nerestant, DDS received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Detroit/Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan. After serving and being recognized for his meritorious service in the Air Force as an officer in the Dental Corps, he currently serves patients at Midtown Dental in Lakeland. For more information, visit www.mymidtowndental.com or call (863) 226-0987.

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