Thinking outside the bubbles

You’ve heard the expression “now that’s thinking outside the box,” I’m sure.

CFHN TIP! Check out what some of our team does on a regular basis to stay healthy.

On Saturday mornings I get my exercise by picking up furniture donations for St. Matthew Catholic Church. We pick up “gently used” couches, entertainment centers, china closets and more from the spiritually rich and give to the poor or less fortunate.

I walk with my son every evening as he works out to stay healthy and fit for his wrestling team. Also, as a part of my Unbreakable business, I send an “Anonymous Angel” donation to help someone less fortunate than I each month. It’s just a $20 gift card, but it goes long way for someone in need. They never know who it’s from. In the card, I just write: Be the light that lights another light. Signed, Anonymous Angel

I drink water constantly throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy! Plus, I enjoy serving as a youth leader at my local church and this past summer I was able to help others by going on a mission’s trip to Germany.

Exercise every day— cardio, pilates, weight training— makes us happy and helps keep the doctor away! We also try to give back in little ways every day to be part of making a big impact, like donating to food pantries, giving blood or joining in a clean-up.

Well, Central Florida Media Group was founded on a very similar concept. You see, we believe that a publication should not only be published with the highest standards in content and advertising, but a niche magazine in a community should represent an industry that helps our local infrastructure thrive.

When we started researching the top five economic drivers in the region, health sciences was among the industries listed.  What does that mean for our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, restaurants, parks, and more?  It means that this industry is a key part of making our local “world go ’round.”  So, why not create a publication that represents this thriving trade?  The answer to that question manifested itself in three forms: Central Florida Health News, in addition to the business-focused magazine Central Florida Doctor, and the annual Central Florida Physicians Directory and Medical Professionals Guide.

But, we didn’t stop there.  We also believe it’s important to represent the organizations, initiatives, and people who go out of their way to make our community a better (and healthier) place to live.  The Polk County Medical Association, We Care of Polk County, The Florida Department of Health in Polk County, Polk Vision and Building a Healthier Polk, and CareerPolk are just some of these federations for good.

Last, but certainly not least, our team and contributing staff are people who not only believe in what we publish, but also walk the talk of social responsibility and making healthier lifestyle choices.  We hope you enjoy reading about the opportunities and unique aspects of Careers in Health, and thanks for reading Central Florida Health News!

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