That New Year, New You Feeling

Were you able to safely maneuver the pitfalls of the holidays? The decadent desserts, the shopping rush, the hectic scramble to make it to all the events you committed to? Regardless of whether you answered with a yes or no, we’re glad you’ve joined us for the new year.

January typically signifies new beginnings and refreshed ambition, and there are quite a few articles in this edition to help with that.

Weight loss and exercise are pretty much synonymous with the new year, so we’re introducing you to Marquilia Martin of Poinciana who was able to make headway in her nearly lifelong weight loss journey with the help of bariatric surgeon Dr. Shiva Seetahal. 

Resolutions are always a hot topic this time of year. In our Edition Feature, we discuss an upcoming seminar at Southeastern University where Dr. Elaine Thompson will discuss how to get the year started on a healthy (and happy!) note. Then check your knowledge of the science behind hunger so you can stick to those resolutions.

If you say “bah humbug” to resolutions, Jennifer Goodson’s Body, Mind & Spirit will especially resonate with you and give you a different way to evaluate your yearly goals. Dr. Joy Jackson’s Medical Advice may also make sense if you’re in that camp because it talks about focusing on the basics of preventive health care this new year.

And if you’re one of the people who are couch potatoes turned gym warriors once the calendar page turns, try some of the recipes from Healthy Cook that are sure to help you eat the right foods to fuel your goals no matter what they are.

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