Taking Care of B(us)iness

Highlighting local nurses who go above and beyond every day

QUESTION: What actions (big or small) do you take on a daily basis to make a difference for your patients and coworkers?
Tabitha Mulford, LPN – Watson Clinic
March 2018 PEER (Program for Employee Excellence and Recognition) Award Winner
“I make sure that all patient concerns are dealt with in a timely manner. Communication is key as well as working as a team.”
Tabitha Mulford, LPN works alongside Dr. Prashant Desai from our Orthopedics/Sports Medicine department. She has consistently gone the extra mile for her patients and their families, and her compassionate and positive manner makes her an ideal Watson Clinic employee.
Kaylie Mancil – Lake Wales Medical Center
2017 Employee of the Year
“I always treat my patients the way that I would expect my loved ones to be treated. I do my best to understand their feelings and make them know that I care. When I say I will do something, I do my very best to follow through and keep them up to date on their situation. Being in the hospital can be very hard on patients and reassurance can help to ease their minds. I give a smile to whoever I pass in the hallway. It’s incredible that something so small and simple can brighten someone’s day. Every day at work, I try to help whoever I can.”
She’s an AWESOME nurse…patients are always complimenting her, she’s a leader to her colleagues, and we frequently see her mentioned in our patient satisfaction surveys. 
Kaylen O’Leary, MSN, RN – Lakeland Regional Health
Stroke Program Coordinator
Past Chair, Nursing Professional Care Council, 2017-2019:
“As the Stroke Coordinator at Lakeland Regional Health, I work to collaborate with all disciplines, including other nurses, to ensure that patients fully understand their plan of care while at the hospital as well as when they go home. Something as little as taking the time to ask if the patient or family has questions and letting them know that you have the time to listen can make all the difference. Nursing can be a very busy job, and some patients feel they are bothering the nurse when they ask questions. By taking the time to listen, we can help the patient know that we truly care. In addition, clearing up any confusion and addressing fears and concerns will help reduce the patient’s stress and lead to a successful discharge. 
Dani Gainer, Dental Hygienist – Haines City Dental
Dani has been a dental hygienist at Haines City Dental since May of 2008. She graduated from Valencia College with her Associates of Applied Science Degree and completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene from St. Petersburg College in 2011. As a hygienist, Dani appreciates the chance to connect with her patients and helping them towards better health. Dani enjoys spending time with her friends and family and exercising in her spare time. She also enjoys doing volunteer work such as Relay for Life and working at a local soup kitchen.
Erika Rojas, RN, MSN – Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center
Nominee for Daisy Award
“The biggest reaction I get from patients and co-workers is from an action that might seem small: I give five minutes. With my patients, I introduce myself, sit down in the chair next to them, and listen to them. We sit eye-to-eye for about five minutes and I ask them to treat today like a new day. I ask them, “Can you tell me what you need today because I want to provide the care you deserve.” Then, I just listen. This type of simple interaction puts my patients at ease and helps them realize they have open communication with me.
Stephanie Montalvo, MA – Ridge Technical College
National Technical Honor Society – Due to graduate July of 2018
Why did you want to be in the medical field?
“To make a long story short, I have a daughter who has a few medical conditions and we are always in and out of medical offices. In the beginning, I didn’t understand her diagnoses, so I did a lot of research to help educate myself. Her health issues are stressful and I want to help other people going through health problems. I feel it is critical to listen to the patient because no detail is too small, and I just want to help make each patient feel a little less stressed during their office visit. If we show the patients that we truly care, they will be more inclined to come in regularly which will help them stay healthier. I will treat each patient as I would want my loved ones treated because we all have loved ones that we want to live a long and healthy life.”
Natalie Jenkins, ARNPC-MSN – Associates in Dermatology
“I care a lot about my team and my patients that are like a second family to me. I enjoy listening to the story of their lives; especially about the adventures of my elderly patients to understand better what might have lead to the sun damage and skin cancers they have. This is also why I am very dedicated to skin cancer prevention and warning the younger patients about the dangers of sun exposure. It makes my day when I see a significant improvement in any of my patient’s dermatological condition or when I find a type of skin cancer in time to treat it. I truly love what I do! I guess that is why so many patients have been my patients in Davenport for over 15 years! I truly feel honored that my long-time patients continue to trust me to provide their care.”  
Natalie has been part of the Associates in Dermatology team of providers for the last 15 years and is a Certified Dermatology Nurse Practitioner and Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

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