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Warning signs of bullying

Putting a Stop to It Before It Causes the Most Damage When children complain about a headache or stomachache, parents may seek immediate relief with over-the-counter painkillers or antacids. But when the symptoms recur, over and over again, a trip to the family doctor may reveal a sinister reason: Bullying. “They don’t want to necessarily […]

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Not just an adult disease

Find out if your child could be one of 294,000 children who suffer from juvenile arthritis. When you hear the word arthritis, the first image in your mind might be of an elderly person barely moving around. However, imagine if that elderly person was instead a child younger than 16 that suffered from pain and inflammation

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Healthy way to school

Join the nation by ditching the bus or car and walking or bicycling to school. The choice is yours – will you walk or bike to school? Each year since 1997, schools around the nation observe a day, Walk to School Day, where students trade the school bus or carpool to walk with their friends

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Coping with cancer

Tips for Helping Children with a Sick Parent Why is this happening to me? Who is going to take care of me? Children are likely to ask questions like these when a parent has cancer or another serious illness. “When cancer hits a younger patient, it’s usually someone who’s in his/her late 30s or 40s

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