Support Systems and Cancer

Breast cancer is one of those conditions which frightens everyone just by the mention of the words. This certainly frightened one family of four from the time the diagnosis was made until the family was splintered by tragedy. When the knot in the breast was first diagnosed, the news terrorized not only the mother of the family but the father and the two children as well.  After days and weeks of talking, the fear of the unknown and what was to come in the next four years began to change every member of the family.
The level of understanding and level of fear are different for each member of the family based upon their life experience and their ages. Cancer treatment can be a very long and stressful process that takes a physical and emotional toll on everyone involved. Over time, if there is not a strong support system or means for comforting each other, it can lead to divides and further fall out because of the constant tension and stress, especially if the cancer ends up taking the life of a loved one.
This story is unique and yet it is not. The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has the potential to wreak havoc on everyone in its path with resultant denial, anger, depression, and even suicide. The illness and the effects of treatment can and often do result in serious changes in individuals and in relationships of all kinds. In order to avoid this kind of tragedy, each one of us needs to rely on our strengths and our close relationships to minimize the emotional changes that are sure to take place from the time of diagnosis until well after treatment ends. It is up to everyone involved with the patient who receives this diagnosis to use their faith, each other, and, when needed, individual and family counseling or therapy. The denial of the need for help on all levels will result in more tragedies such as the one above.
Collaborative Psysch and Med as a group wish the best for all of those who are or will be going through this illness. We are available for assistance if desired at (855) 732-5292.

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