Stay strong with healthy hips

Expert care can get you there.

We all hope to be able to walk, run and dance through life with healthy, natural joints. But when your hips become arthritic and painful, it’s not easy to keep moving like you used to. The good news is that hip replacement has come a long way, with advanced technology and cutting-edge surgical techniques that can get you back in stride. 

Who Can Benefit from Hip Replacement Surgery

Patients over age 65 who have exhausted all other forms of treatment, maintained active lifestyles, and have chronic pain even while sitting or asleep are prime candidates for hip replacement surgery. 

Most people who pursue hip replacement do so due to chronic pain that does not respond to other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy, viscosupplementation (gel injections), or weight loss. If you’ve tried these conservative treatments with no relief, it may be time to consider this next step.

What’s New

While the surgery used to require a lengthy, three-week stay in the hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU), hip replacement today takes just two days in the hospital – neither of them in the ICU. And, you can be home and ready to start your physical therapy very quickly. Physical therapy is essential to restore your joint to full strength and range of motion, and get you back on your feet with considerably less pain in just six to eight weeks. The complete healing process takes from 16 to 20 weeks.

Count on the AdventHealth Orthopedic Experts

The AdventHealth Orthopedic Institute is your source for whole-health care. If you’re being held back by intractable hip pain, talk to us about your options. Our experts can explain when hip replacement is needed, who can benefit from it, and what your recovery may look like.

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