A Reason to Celebrate: We’re Here to Help Seniors Lead Healthier Lives

As I write this column, our grand opening party is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you.  Peak Annual Wellness Center will be holding this Launch Event to share with our community what an annual wellness visit can do to help patients lead healthier lives.
What is an annual wellness visit?  It is a chance to get a comprehensive view of your health, as well as learn what you can do to prevent illness and accidents before they happen.  This visit should be done in addition to a yearly physical.  A variety of screenings are performed, including auditory, dementia, cancer, and home safety.  At Peak Annual Wellness Center, we look at your entire lifestyle to see where changes could be made for the better, and then you will receive a comprehensive five-year wellness strategy as well as a 90-day action plan, which can help improve your quality of life and aid in the coordination of care between your primary physician and medical specialists.
If you’ve ever wondered what you could be doing differently, now is the time to find out.  Join us on Friday, March 2, 5-9 p.m. at Salon Salvatore Day Spa on Cleveland Heights in Lakeland.  There will be food, demonstrations, and fabulous prizes given away at 8 p.m.  This is an excellent opportunity to get out and do a little networking while picking up some important facts.  Go to peakawc.com/rsvp to RSVP.
If, however, you missed our launch event, you have nothing to worry about.  You can contact us anytime by calling (855) 732-5292 to get your annual wellness visit and start the journey to making your golden years shine!  We’ll work with you to create a five-year wellness plan, and the best part is, this valuable service is available to all Medicare patients for free— no copay, no deductible.  So, what do you have to lose?  Contact us today to get started living your best life.
This column is sponsored by Peak Annual Wellness Center.
BIO: Jeffrey Epstein, MD is board-certified in geriatric and internal medicine.  He is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy so they can maintain a high-quality lifestyle.  Dr. Epstein has practiced general internal medicine and geriatric medicine for 20 years before transitioning to a role as Hospital Medical Director and Physician Advisor in 2011.  Peak AWC was founded to provide Annual Wellness Visits to seniors and empower them to avoid vulnerabilities that could cause great harm.  It is the goal of Dr. Epstein and Peak AWC to provide better care at a lower cost by focusing on keeping individuals healthy and out of the hospital.  For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (855) 732-5292.

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