Publisher’s Note: We are your reader advocates

In a former life as a newspaper publisher, we sometimes had a position in the newsroom called a “reader advocate.” Our editors would rotate on this desk and some loved the assignment and some frankly hated it. Basically the job entailed taking phone calls or answering emails about this or that regarding the content of the paper. As it worked out all sorts of calls and emails were received, including calls regarding newspaper delivery and advertising.
However, the underlying purpose of this practice was to listen to the readers, learn and adjust where adjustments made sense. Here at Central Florida Media Group we like receiving content ideas and suggestions too.
As the endorsed publisher for the Polk County Medical Association, we receive great tips and suggestions from the member physicians and it shows up in every edition of Central Florida Health News.
Here at Central Florida Media Group, every employee is a “reader advocate,” and it is for this purpose that I share the following contact information with you. If there is an item regarding content that you think should be covered by all means just drop us a line. Thanks again for reading Central Florida Health News and we look forward to hearing from you.
Nelson Kirkland Publisher,
Celeste Walls, Managing Editor,
Mike Johnson, Associate Publisher,

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