Pop Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

If you’re getting a jump on your New Year’s Resolutions to improve your health, get into shape, and lose weight, or if you’re getting mentally prepared, exercise is likely part of your plan. Do things right and make sure your plans include pre- and post-workout nutrition. Test your knowledge about what you should be eating before, during, and after your workout by taking our quiz.
1. True or False? Eating before or after your workouts will sabotage your weight loss efforts.
2. What is the most important thing to consume before, during, and after a workout?
A. Protein
B. Carbohydrates
C. Liquids
D. Sugars
E. None of the Above
3. Which of the following are acceptable liquids to drink before, during, and after a workout? (Choose all that apply)
A. Water (mix with 100% juice if desired)
B. Wine
C. A low-calorie sports drink
D. Coffee
E. Energy drink
4. Fill-in-the-blank: Not eating before a workout is like _________________?
A. Swimming in an empty pool
B. Talking to a brick wall
C. Putting the horse before the cart
D. Driving your car on empty
E. None of the Above
5. At what point should you not eat before a workout?
A. Immediately before your workout
B. 1 hour before your workout
C. 2 hours before your workout
D. 3 hours before your workout
6. What is the food combination most recommended for you to eat before a workout?
A. A lot of protein
B. Healthy carbohydrates with a little protein and fiber
C. Sugars and salts for electrolytes
D. Fats
E. None of the Above
7. True or False? Eating a light snack before and after a workout, as well as hydrating, will improve your stamina and allow you to up the intensity of your workout, all while speeding recovery.
8. What calorie range should you be looking to eat pre-workout, depending upon intensity?
A. 5-10
B. 50-200
C. 200-400
D. Over 500
9. When is the only time you need to eat during a workout?
A. When the workout coincides with a meal
B. If you get a serious craving for chocolate
C. When it’s a strenuous activity that lasts longer than an hour
D. Whenever you feel like it because you’re burning calories
10. Which is not an example of a light snack you could eat before a workout?
A. Low-fat dairy, like a glass of milk, yogurt or string cheese
B. Vegetable or fruit like an apple or banana with a little nut butter
C. A handful of potato chips
D. Whole wheat toast spread with a nut butter
E. Raisins and nuts
11. What should you eat post-workout, in addition to drinking fluids?
A. Protein and some healthy carbohydrates
B. Pretzels
C. Expensive muscle-building protein shakes
D. Anything you want; you just exercised!
Resources: Information provided by HealthforGood.heart.org, ConsumerReports.org, EatRight.org, and GoRedforWomen.org.
1. False. Having a reasonable snack and fluids before and after a workout ensures your body has enough energy for the workout.
2. C. Liquids. Staying hydrated is of the utmost importance before, during, and after a workout.
3. A. water/juice and C. Sports drink. You should not drink alcohol, coffee, or soda because they are dehydrating.
4. D. Driving your car on empty. Your body needs fuel to operate, just like a car.
5. A. Immediately before your workout. Your body won’t have time to digest it, so you will get none of the benefits with the added uncomfortable sensation of exercise with food in your stomach.
6. B. Healthy carbohydrates with a little protein and fiber. Carbohydrates are what your body needs for fuel, protein helps rebuild muscle broken down while exercising, and fiber helps keep you feeling full.
7. True. Proper nutrition before, during, and after exercise will help you to reach your goals of better health, lower weight, etc.
8. B. 50-200. If you’re planning on light exercise, stay on the 50-100 side. For longer and more strenuous exercise, eat more on the 150-200 side.
9. C. When it’s a strenuous activity that lasts longer than an hour. If you’re running a marathon, competing in an Iron man-type competition or working out for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to have a snack every hour or so.
10. C. A handful of potato chips. Steer clear from unhealthy fats, sugar, salt, and other junk foods.
11. A. Protein and some healthy carbohydrates. Eat the same sort of things as during your pre-workout snack, but you can increase the protein.

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