Is there a polite way to avoid someone who’s sick?


Only a few weeks before Christmas, my family and I had been battling the seasonal cold that spread like wildfire around the community. Out of nowhere it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had the same virus.

There’s no doubt that with this season comes the inevitability of catching a cold or two, but how do you politely avoid someone who is sick when you’re not?

This month’s Web Exclusive Feature presents not only ways you can be proactive about not getting sick (like washing hands), but also how to handle those social situations when you may want to avoid getting sick or giving others the virus you’ve caught.

Without giving away too much, picture sitting down on a plane and being seated right next to someone who’s sneezing and coughing. What should you do? Or what about that conference meeting for which your presence is required, but you’ve come down with something you know is contagious?

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