Pediatric unit opens at Winter Haven Women’s Hospital

WINTER HAVEN WOMEN’S HOSPITAL announces the opening of its new pediatric unit. The new pediatric unit is now extending care and accepting patients as an added benefit to the community — providing the same quality of care to children that residents have always relied on at Winter Haven Hospital.

The Winter Haven Women’s Hospital, formerly known as the Regency Center for Women and Infants, is located on Avenue O, S.E., in Winter Haven, just down the road from Winter Haven Hospital. Established in 1987, the Winter Haven Women’s Hospital has been providing healthcare to women and infants, but until recently has not had a unit specifically dedicated to pediatric care. Steve Nierman, the president of both Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women’s Hospital, agrees that “the Winter Haven community had a need for the return of pediatrics to our hospital.”

Located on the second floor of the WHWH, the new four-room pediatric unit will serve non-critical pediatric patients. Children and infants suffering with severe cold or flu symptoms, dehydration, respiratory conditions, or those in need of blood transfusions can now get the help they need; long-term intensive care also will be provided to children in need. The pediatric floor is equipped with all the essentials: developmental toys, cribs, monitors, smaller-sized scales, and machines for measuring vital signs.

A new contract with Watson Clinic provides pediatric hospitalists who are responsible for authorizing admissions and seeing patients on the unit. These physicians have been providing a similar service to South Florida Baptist Hospital, a BayCare hospital in Plant City, for more than 17 years.

Tracy Ayers, RN, MSN, manager of pediatrics at Winter Haven Women’s Hospital, explains, “The most rewarding aspect of the new pediatric unit is bringing these services back to the community.” All nurses and other team members working in the new pediatric unit have been specially trained in pediatrics, and some have also had the opportunity to shadow other nurses and staff members at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa.

Steve Nierman concludes, “It is without a doubt that every one of our pediatric patients and their families will experience the same personalized and compassionate care at our Women’s Hospital.”


article by JULIE GMITTER

Posted March 28, 2016

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