Pawsitive News for Pet Parents

People have enjoyed the benefits of animal companionship for ages because it buoys their mood and keeps their spirits high. But did you know there’s scientific evidence that supports the health benefits of having pets?

In this Pets & Your Health edition of Central Florida Health News, we take a deep dive into the various ways pets can improve not only your mental health but also your physical health. Winter Haven family medicine physician Dr. Ashley Wilk offers an in-depth look at what physical reactions happen in the human body when people interact with pets. (Spoiler alert: The benefits aren’t limited to cat and dog owners!) 

Plus, we also show you the power that service animals can have on individuals with various medical conditions. Read more inside to learn how Atlas, a Standard Poodle service dog,  has opened new opportunities for Mackenzie Carlson. 

March is also a busy month for awareness, so test your knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis with our Pop Quiz, and learn the best way to screen for colorectal cancer in our Community Health feature with Central Florida Health Care.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the upcoming events on our calendar. Have a healthy and happy March!

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