Word of Mouth: Myths about implants debunked, part I: Are they practical?

Dental implants are a viable option for most patients experiencing tooth loss.  Fused with the patient’s jaw, implants can replace bridges and dentures, and they look and feel very natural.  However, there are many myths out there; don’t let these dissuade you of the practicality of dental implants.

Myth: I don’t have enough bone.

There are many reasons why the jawbone might deteriorate, but there are ways to restore it with bone grafts.  Once the jawbone has regenerated, an implant can be attached.

Myth: I’m too old for implants.

Patients of any age can get implants.  Really, the only age group that implants aren’t recommended for is children, as their teeth and jawbones are still growing and maturing.

Myth: I have a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, so implants aren’t an option.

A highly-trained dentist will take your health issues into consideration.  However, most people can get dental implants despite any health conditions.

Myth: Implants are painful.

Just as with any other dental procedure, your dentist should take steps to minimize pain during the process of placing dental implants.  Anesthesia is provided during any surgical portions of the procedure, and medications are generally recommended for any discomfort that may follow in the next few days.  However, once the area around the implant heals, there is no further pain or discomfort.

In my next column, I’ll debunk some common myths about whether implants are effective.

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BIO: Dr. William Nerestant, DDS received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Detroit/Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan.  After serving and being recognized for his meritorious service in the Air Force as an officer in the Dental Corps, he currently serves patients at Midtown Dental in Lakeland.

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