Dr. William Nerestant

Love Your Oral Hygiene This Valentine’s Day

Investing in your personal health should always be one of your top priorities. For this reason alone, you should always maintain healthy oral hygiene routines to help maintain your physical and mental health. If that isn’t motivation enough, consider your significant other this Valentine’s Day when you’re out on the town enjoying your evening. No one wants bad breath or stained teeth on their Valentine’s Day celebrations. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as the special day approaches.

Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

While enjoying your romantic dinner, there are a few foods and beverages you want to consider avoiding if you want to keep that bright smile all night. Red pasta sauce is acidic and has the tendency to stain your teeth. To avoid this, consider eating greens such as broccoli and spinach beforehand to create a small, protective film over your teeth that should help with the staining. Red and white wine can stain your teeth as well, with white wine being more acidic. Consume these beverages in moderation to avoid discoloration.

Take Preventative Measures

The best way to ensure your teeth are clean and your breath is smelling nice is to consistently practice healthy oral hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing are key. Consider other measures such as mouthwash or sugarless gum to freshen your breath instantly and get saliva flowing.

Visit Your Dentist

If it has been a few months since your last cleaning or checkup, consider scheduling an appointment before the special night arrives! Whether you just need a simple cleaning, teeth whitening, or want to consult with one of our experienced dental assistants, call Midtown Dental today to schedule a time to see us.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Midtown Dental team, we hope you’ve had a fantastic start to your new year and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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Dr. William Nerestant received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Detroit/Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan. After serving and being recognized for his meritorious service in the Air Force as an officer in the Dental Corps, he currently serves patients at Midtown Dental in Lakeland. For more information, visit mymidtowndental.com or call (863) 226-0987.

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