Publisher’s Note: Looking ahead for health

Let me be the first to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Central Florida Health News! From the early conceptual designs to the product you hold in your hands, it has been a great experience collaborating with the Polk County Medical Association (PCMA) to bring you the best in health news and local features. This publication is actually third in our Life sciences portfolio. In January we published the annual Central Florida Physicians Directory and Medical Professionals Guide; and in February we launched the inaugural edition of Central Florida Doctor magazine, a business-to-business publication serving our medical industry. Now, Central Florida Media Group (CFMG) in cooperation with the PCMA presents this publication as the premiere local consumer health monthly magazine. 

Our readership includes delivery to every medical doctor in the county, plus medical administrators and other allied health professionals. We also distribute countywide to health conscious readers in over 500 medical and health related facilities including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, gyms, health food stores and more. You can also find this magazine in various locations countywide, as well as digital archived versions on our website.

At CFMG, we appreciate the partnership we have with the PCMA. The PCMA has been serving the residents of our region for over 100 years and brings to these pages a deep and credible insight of all things health related. We admire and respect the organization, its legacy, and its mission. We’re thankful to be selected to serve as their official and only endorsed publisher, and we look forward to the many great editions to come.

Looking ahead, the health industry faces many challenges and changes, like the healthcare legislation, converting to a paperless environment, and health information technology to name a few. Consumers have their own interest in health, fitness, what’s new, and what’s proven effective. We promise to introduce our readers to the latest innovations. We will be spotlighting the many changes in store as they continue to unfold, as well as how these changes effect our area unique to technology, fitness, the family, nutrition and much more! Thanks again for your readership and we look forward to your feedback.


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