Lakeland Fire Department Recognizes Citizen Hero


Lakeland Fire Chief Doug Riley recognized a local citizen whose brave actions helped rescue a victim trapped within a burning vehicle. Glenn Chancey sprang into action while at work to perform an extraordinary act – assisting another in a time of need. He received an official Certificate of Recognition from LFD on July 13.

On June 2, Glenn Chancey was working at Publix warehouse when he heard a loud vehicle crash. Immediately he left in his spotter truck onto US-92, where he observed two collided vehicles. One was upside-down with severe damage, and a bystander was helping the victim out of the vehicle. The other vehicle was upright, also heavily damaged, and on fire. Chancey used a fire extinguisher and noticed an unconscious victim was still in the vehicle. He then used the fire extinguisher to try to break the driver’s side rear window. Glenn and another bystander repeatedly attempted to break the window while on the phone with 911 but were unsuccessful. Thankfully, the victim gained enough consciousness to unbuckle himself and unlock the door. With the fire growing, Chancey and the bystander ran to the passenger side rear door and safely pulled the individual from the burning vehicle.

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