The holistic approach to weight loss

A method that gives hope

Although most of us are aware that being overweight contributes to chronic diseases, we may also discover that diets do not work. Dieting can even exacerbate weight issues by slowing thyroid and metabolic function, leading to weight gain, or may make us prone to nutritional deficiencies that cause other unwanted results.

The holistic approach to weight management recognizes that weight can be a symptom and not the main issue. To find out what is causing someone’s weight problem; a holistic physician evaluates the whole person, which may include thyroid and hormonal studies, plus insulin, blood sugar, and adrenal tests. Cravings may indicate low serotonin levels or nutritional deficiencies that can be identified by neurotransmitter and nutritional screenings.

Armed with this information, keeping a food diary allows you to honestly evaluate what might need to change. Although we often feel that we already eat well or that changing what we eat is too difficult, we need to ask ourselves, “Am I getting the results I want?” If not, we must be willing to change.

Next, consider your focus. Is it on losing weight or being fat? Are you focusing on what you do not want? Instead of saying, “I do not want to be fat,” try, “I want to be thin and healthy.” By posting a photo or visualizing in your mind the size you want to be, you motivate and inspire yourself to attract what you want.

Finally, recognize that it is going to take time to return the body to the equilibrium that allows for weight loss and feeling rejuvenated. We would never plant an acorn and expect to see a huge oak tree in two months.

Losing weight is about more than losing pounds. It is about becoming healthier and more vital, giving yourself permission to fully step into who you are. It is about leaving excuses behind and saying, “Hey world, I am good enough, smart enough, and pretty enough to do anything I want.”

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story by EUDENE HARRY, M.D.

BIO: Eudene Harry MD is board certified in both emergency medicine and holistic medicine and the Medical Director for Oasis Wellness and Rejuvenation Center. For more information, call 407-354-0500 or visit

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