Editor’s Dose: Helping you get ready for a new school year

In this special edition of Central Florida Health News, we’re taking a good, detailed look at the challenges of helping our kids make healthy lifestyle choices, especially when you throw in the complexity of a busy school semester.
It’s definitely not easy to bring up your kids in the way that they should go, which is why we’ve got some bright ideas to help you make the grade when it comes to laying the foundation for your children’s healthy future.
We also have healthy snack ideas your kids will love to help you make just as much as they love to eat and if you’re concerned about protecting your kids from germs or viruses when school is in session, then the prevention feature  is your reading assignment for the moment.
Also, if the stress of school expenses has you ready to pull your hair out, save your mane and read the Body, Mind & Spirit article, which addresses some ways to alleviate the sticker shock of the back-to-school financial burden.
Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to congratulate our coloring contest winners and our honorable mention: Tyrell, Kiara, and Alley.

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