Healthy Aging & You

Seniors make up a significant percentage of our population here in Central Florida. In fact, the Sunshine State has the second highest number of people older than 65, surpassed only by California. As of 2021, 4.6 million seniors called Florida home. If we’re being honest, that number is probably a lot higher now considering the constant influx of newcomers to the state.

Senior populations need care, regardless of whether they are living independently or with assistance. Meals on Wheels of Polk County is pivotal to helping seniors stay independent in their own homes. Their meal deliveries offer more than just sustenance, they offer a source of daily human contact for many of their clientele. We spoke with Meals on Wheels Executive Director Susan Eldridge to learn more about how her volunteers serve as a lifeline for many using the service.

Maintaining good health as you age plays a big role in how your golden years play out. We talked with Watson Clinic’s Dr. Kristina Hair to get professional advice on healthy aging.

Also inside, take our pop quiz on osteoarthritis, learn more about the free dental clinic that is coming to Lakeland in May, and explore the dangers of opioid addiction. And don’t miss out on the calendar!

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