A healthier mouth means a healthier life

Why one patient has a lot to smile about

“Dr. Hewett is the best dentist I’ve ever had!” Mrs. Dorothy went to Dr. Steven Hewett because her lower denture did not fit properly with her upper denture. She couldn’t eat and was losing weight, only able to manage soups and noodles. She had seen his advertisements, but it was recommendations from people she knew that led her to that first visit, and she couldn’t be happier.
“I was worried that he couldn’t get implants in because I am older and my lower bone isn’t good. But he worked with me.”
Dr. Hewett has been a dentist for 30 years, and has been in Central Florida since 1993. His Implant and Comprehensive Dentistry practice offers all phases of dentistry, from simple to complex cases. He and his team have placed and restored more than 6,000 dental implants.
For Mrs. Dorothy, he replaced her ill-fitting lower denture, which had only two implants, with a customized denture that has four implants. The implant root to implant root structure has a connecting box to help support the customized denture. This connecting box also fits the patient’s facial features to give a natural look. And as for the procedure itself, Mrs. Dorothy says it involved “no pain at all!”
Dr. Hewett first fitted her with a temporary plate so she “could at least smile,” and after the bone had fused to the implants, about four months later, he placed the new customized denture.
Although she is still learning to talk all over again, now that her upper and lower dentures match properly, Mrs. Dorothy is thrilled to be able to eat meat again. “I don’t have to worry about anything when we go out to eat now. I can eat anything I want. It’s wonderful!”
When asked if she would do the procedure again if needed, Mrs. Dorothy didn’t hesitate to say, “Oh, yes, positively!” She is so pleased with her experience that she has already recommended Dr. Hewett to others so they can also have the restored quality of life she now enjoys. “It’s a blessing, really.”
Dental implants offer a long-term solution for patients struggling with dentures or missing teeth. There’s no reason to wait to improve your quality of life. Call Dr. Hewett’s office today at (863) 293-1807 for an appointment and, like Mrs. Dorothy, you can once again enjoy sharing a happy, healthy smile!

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