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  • Taking the Pulse of Polk Healthcare

    Taking the Pulse of Polk Healthcare

    Access and Population Growth Emerge as Top Challenges at Forum by PAUL CATALA During a recent forum on healthcare issues affecting Lakeland and Polk County, key players in the health community came together to share insight and perspective.  About 80 guests attended “Let’s Talk Lkld: Health Care” on March 26 in the Hollis Cancer Center…

  • Angels Among Us

    Angels Among Us

    Healthcare Facilities Honor Nurses Who Have Gone Above, Beyond Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system, caring for physical and mental health alike. Learn more about some of the outstanding nurses in Polk County, including insight into why they chose the profession and what it means to be a “good nurse.” AdventHealth Heart of…

  • Something to Smile About

    Something to Smile About

    Annual No-Cost Dental Clinic Coming to Lakeland in May by JULIE BUTTERFIELD Although all three of her stepdaughters have beautiful smiles, Skylar Fuller noticed they were smiling with their mouths closed in family photos. That’s not how someone with a great smile like theirs should pose for photos, she remembers thinking.  They were using Mom…


  • Aortic Dissection: Rare and Potentially Deadly 

    Aortic Dissection: Rare and Potentially Deadly 

    Aortic dissection is a tear in the inner layer of the aorta, the main blood vessel branching off from the heart.  An acute aortic dissection is a medical emergency and presents with excruciating chest or upper back pain that radiates to the neck or back. Other symptoms include sudden loss of consciousness and shortness of…

  • Vision Myths, Debunked!

    Vision Myths, Debunked!

    by ANISA PATAIL, O.D. Whether it’s an old wives’ tale or something a friend mentioned in conversation, you may have heard some things about your eyes that made you wonder if they are true.  I’m here to put your questions to rest!  Here are the myths I hear the most:  1) Eating carrots will improve…

  • Suffering From Lymphedema? Learn More About This Common Condition

    Suffering From Lymphedema? Learn More About This Common Condition

    Lymphedema is swelling caused by obstruction or reflux in the lymphatic vessels and is one of the most common conditions afflicting humans. The lymph vessels are long, thin-walled tubes that form a very intricate network in the arms and the legs. In some cases, these lymph vessels are absent or are damaged or destroyed, and…

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