Ask a Nurse: Genetic testing for mental health medications

We have all heard of, and some of us have even experienced firsthand, the tragedies surrounding mental health disorders. It’s nearly impossible to watch a TV show without hearing about a new antidepressant that causes an endless list of unwanted symptoms. And according to the CDC more than 1 in 10 American’s over the age of 12 are currently taking antidepressants. It makes you wonder… how can you know which medications will have the best results?

Good News!  There is a genetic test that can help!  The Mental Health DNA Insight℠ is a salivary, genetic test that analyzes a patient’s DNA to identify variants that could affect the metabolism and efficacy of psychiatric medications.  This test can help physicians choose appropriate medications with less trial and error as well as reducing the incidence of adverse side effects.

Basically, this test shows how you will process several different mental health medications and separate them into four categories: Preferential Use, Use As Directed, May Have Significant Limitations, and May Cause Serious Adverse Events.

Someday soon medicine we will be guided by our genetics… not by insurance companies!  If you have questions, visit our website at, or don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  I’d love to hear from you!!  Have a healthy day!

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BIO: Hollie Hill is a critical care nurse and co-creator of Perfect Form Center for Wellness & Anti-Aging in Winter Haven.  When Hollie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children, and is a perpetual student of her profession.  For more information, go to, or call Hollie at (863) 299-9111.

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