Furry Tails and Pet Pals

For centuries, humans have found companionship in animals. The relationships forged with our pets — whether they’re dogs and cats or turtles and horses — serve an important purpose for many of us. The benefits don’t end at companionship and affection. Pets can also be beneficial to your health! Walking and playing with pets can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, they can help you manage depression and prioritize exercise.

In this edition of Central Florida Health News, we introduce you to the therapy dogs from Hearts of Gold, a division of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida. The group has multiple divisions across our area, and its teams visit a variety of functions and events to lift spirits and spread smiles.

While dogs can be cuddly, they’re also an incredible asset to law enforcement. We spoke with K9s for Cops-Polk County about the pivotal role they play in raising money for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office K9s.

If a runny nose or watery eyes keep you on the sidelines while everyone else enjoys the family pet, be sure to check out our Pop Quiz to learn more about allergies.

It’s almost spring, so grab the leash and your fur-friend and go enjoy the outdoors together.

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