Family Health: How to beat peak allergy season in Central Florida

SPRINGTIME IN CENTRAL FLORIDA is beautiful. Temperatures are pleasant and the warm breezes carry the sweet scent of the orange blossoms. Unfortunately for some, it also means pollen allergies from blooming flowers, like orange blossoms, and from trees and grasses, like live oaks and rye. That fine dusting of yellow pollen that is released every spring can be a harbinger of the start of allergy season. However, you don’t need to suffer every year! Follow these tips to beat peak allergy season in Central Florida and reduce your allergy symptoms.


Your first line of defense against pollen allergies is to limit your contact with pollen as much as possible. You’ll want to:

• Find a reliable pollen count source. This will give you daily pollen counts for a variety of allergens, forecasts, air quality scores, and more. Try to stay indoors during peak pollen days.

• Keep windows closed. It may be tempting to open windows and doors to those tropical breezes, but they’re letting pollen into your home.

• Employ an indoor air filter with HEPA air filters. You can’t control the pollen outdoors, but you can try to eliminate it in your home.


You likely won’t be able to avoid all contact with pollen, and it only requires a small amount of contact to trigger bothersome symptoms like itchy eyes, a running nose, and sneezing, so your next step is to seek medical help. If over-the-counter medications like Allegra and Zyrtec don’t offer enough relief, make an appointment with your doctor.

We can offer therapies like nasal sprays or allergy shots so that your allergy symptoms can be decreased as much as possible. Immunotherapy like allergy shots can decrease your symptoms over time if you stick with the treatments.

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column by DR. BARRY NASH

BIO: Barry Nash, MD, is board-certified in family medicine and practices with Trinity Medical Group at the Winter Haven location. He aims to provide the best treatment to patients using the cornerstones of excellent communication and working closely with them to create a custom healthcare treatment plan. To make an appointment with Dr. Nash, call (863) 299-2636.

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