Diabetes Mellitus: It’s not just about the sugar!

Diabetes mellitus is a well-known disease in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal. Patients need to control these levels so that the HBA1c or hemoglobin A1c test is less than 7%, through diet, exercise, and medication. 

It is important to understand that high glucose levels result in organ damage. Every organ has the potential to be harmed. As a result, patients not only need to monitor glucose levels but also engage in other treatment to ensure overall health.

  1. Protect the heart. Diabetes increases the risk of clogged arteries and veins, causing a higher risk of heart disease and strokes. If you do not have any allergies or bad effects, most patients should be taking a low dose aspirin daily. 
  2. Cholesterol control. Diabetes also increases the likelihood of higher bad cholesterol and heart attacks. There is a benefit to taking cholesterol medication, even in a lower dose, to manage this.
  3. Kidney disease. The damage to the kidneys resulting in loss of protein and decreased filtration rate requires regular monitoring. A low dose blood pressure medication called an ACE inhibitor can provide protection for this.
  4. Blood pressure. A diabetic has a higher risk of abnormal blood pressure. Engaging in regular monitoring is necessary. 

Additionally, our eyes, nerves and sexual function can be affected by uncontrolled glucose levels. The longer the poor control and the higher the glucose levels, the faster the progression of these conditions. 

Make sure to discuss with your primary care physician your risks for diabetes mellitus if you have never been diagnosed. 

Make sure you discuss optimal management for this lifelong disease if you are already being treated. 

BIO: Dr. Trishanna Sookdeo is a board-certified physician who has a Master’s in Public Health. She cares for the whole family, ages 3 days and up. Should you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, call 863-419-2420 ext 2, and ask for Dr. Sookdeo.

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