Avoid Stained Teeth with These Helpful Tips

Luz Cubero-Perez
Dental Assistant, Haines City Dental
Having a healthy smile is important
for your overall mental and physical
health. Maintaining proper hygiene goes
beyond just brushing twice a day and flossing, it
includes taking into consideration the foods you
eat and the liquids you drink. Certain food and
drink can stain your teeth and erode your enamel
– the outer covering of your teeth. Here are a few
common foods and drinks that can cause teeth
problems and tips that can help avoid them:
TEA AND WINE: Both tea and wine have
their respective health benefits, but they aren’t
the best option in keeping your teeth white. Both
can stain your teeth and various herbal and white
teas can wear away enamel as well. Try drinking
both in moderation.
sports drinks might be helping your workout,
they aren’t helping your teeth. Sugary sports
drinks can erode your enamel and make your
teeth easier to stain. Try sticking to water or zero sugar
drinks as replacements. Sodas can cause
the same issue. The acids and sugar both erode
your enamel and cause your teeth to stain.
blackberries, cherries, pomegranates, and other
vibrant fruits can stain teeth. Paler fruits, like
white grapes and white cranberries, are less
likely to cause stains. Fruits in general are acidic
however and can wear down enamel over time.
HELPFUL TIPS: When it comes to these foods
and drinks, it might be extreme to cut them
completely out of your diet, but moderation will
be your best friends. Better alternatives such as
like water, apples, and melons work too. When
applicable, use a straw for your liquids like soda
and juice. This will limit the time the drink is in
contact with your teeth. Lastly, rinse your mouth
out before you eat or drink anything acidic
and wait at least an hour before brushing after
consuming anything acidic.
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