Annual Wellness Visit Provides Comprehensive Screening

Your yearly physical is an important part of your health care regimen, but that’s not the end of your responsibility to yourself. It’s not a comprehensive evaluation. That’s where we come in. When you visit our office for an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), you receive a 41-point detailed written report that you can use to help plan your health strategies. An AWV is an integral part of your healthcare, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. Without it, there could be vulnerabilities and gaps in care that you don’t even realize.
Your AWV looks at your complete medical history. We review your immunizations, cancer screenings, and the results of your physicals. We get a complete picture of who you are, health-wise, and use that information to help you craft a real plan for well-being.
When we perform the AWV we use a variety of screenings to assess risks and areas of possible concern. We screen for memory, home safety, activities of daily living, and fall risk. These are important factors to consider when planning for continued health and safety as you age. Our goal is to keep you informed and up-to-date on how you are doing physically, and what you need to pay attention to.
Once we have performed all of our screenings and tests, we offer a comprehensive written report, plus a five-year written wellness plan. These tools will help you maintain your optimal state of health. Quality of life is important, and we understand that.
The AWV provides information that may not arise in a physical, but it does not involve the blood work, x-rays, and exams that a physical does. The two visits together provide a level of information that will let you know how you are doing now, and how to improve your well-being for the future. After you schedule your annual physical, schedule your Annual Wellness Visit, and take control of your health care.
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BIO: Dr. Jeff Epstein is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine. He is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy so they can maintain a high-quality lifestyle. Dr. Epstein has practiced General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine for 20 years before transitioning to a role as Hospital Medical Director and Physician Advisor in 2011. Peak AWC was founded to provide Annual Wellness Visit to seniors and empower them to avoid vulnerabilities that could cause great harm. It is the goal of Dr. Epstein and Peak AWC to provide better care at a lower cost by focusing on keeping individuals healthy and out of the hospital.
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