Editor’s Dose: Adventures with school physicals!

It’s school physical time already! Am I the only one who feels like summer went by way too fast? Maybe it’s because “time flies when you’re having fun.” Or, maybe it’s because time flies when you have four kids . . . maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, our house is in full swing with back-to-school preparations— including annual physicals.

My twin girls— who just turned six years old— have the routine down pat. They know when to say “aahh” and to offer their ear for inspection. They also proudly answer questions— eager and happy to share all of their vast knowledge. If their doctor asks them to write their name, then they write their first, middle, and last, while noting which letters should be uppercase and lowercase. (Yes, it seems they have inherited their mother’s tendency to be very preoccupied with details.) So thankfully, physicals with the twins are always a breeze, and the most complicated part is actually juggling our schedules to make the appointments.

My four-year-old, however, is another story. Her physical did not begin with such ease. The polar opposite of my experience with her sisters, she mostly shut down and resisted cooperating. Other than being naturally shy, this behavior was completely unlike her. So, I told her that lollipops— which they hand out at the front desk— were offered to good little girls and boys. After this simple reminder, the rest of the appointment went smoothly. We all have our off days when we feel cranky or don’t want to do something that we’re committed to doing. My toddler just needed some help keeping her eyes on the prize for taking care of business.

Celeste Jo Walls
Managing Editor

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