AdventHealth Celebrates a Strong Spring Marked by Groundbreaking Cardiovascular Procedures

Dr. Mark Steiner and the AdventHealth team perform the first renal denervation procedure in the Central Florida market on May 21, 2024. 

provided by ADVENTHEALTH

Physicians with the AdventHealth Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute performed three groundbreaking procedures, marking significant advancements in patient care. These “firsts” represent a leap forward in the treatment of cardiovascular conditions for residents of Central Florida. 

“Being first means we can offer our community access to leading treatments that may not be available elsewhere,” said Gordon Wesley vice president of the institute, who emphasized the significance of being at the forefront of medical and technological advancements. “This not only enhances patient outcomes but also attracts top talent and fosters clinical richness in the area, ultimately increasing access to care for our communities.” 

On March 13, Dr. Nipun Arora, an interventional cardiologist, along with colleagues Dr. Rodrigo Do Lago and Dr. Jorge Suarez, performed the first-in-Central Florida Navitor Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure. This minimally invasive procedure replaces the need for open-heart surgery, ultimately reducing recovery time. It treats aortic valve stenosis by replacing a narrow valve in the heart with a new one. This new technique not only ensures successful valve replacement but also holds promise for future heart surgeries. 

The following day, on March 14, Dr. Naushad Shaik, electrophysiologist and EP medical director, led the inaugural Pulse Field Ablation (PFA) procedure in Central Florida. PFA is a promising new treatment for atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients. It’s a safer, more efficient approach than traditional methods that use heat, which can inadvertently damage surrounding tissues. PFA delivers short-duration electrical pulses to the cardiac tissue. The energy from the pulses kills the cells in the tissue causing the irregular heart rate and rhythm, therefore restoring the heart to a more normal condition.  

Seven days later, on May 21, Dr. Mark Steiner, an interventional cardiologist, conducted the first commercial renal denervation procedure in Central Florida. This innovative treatment targets patients with high blood pressure who do not respond to medication alone. High blood pressure affects nearly half of all Americans and can lead to serious health complications if left uncontrolled. This procedure uses radiofrequency on nerves in the kidney, which can cause hypertension. This offers a minimally invasive solution for managing a prevalent condition that can improve the quality of life for countless patients. 

“It is very rare we are able to do three, new technologically advanced procedures within weeks of each other,” said Wesley. “This is a testament to the collaboration with many on our team as well as the innovation happening at AdventHealth. We’ve become a destination for both experts and partners to leverage technology and knowledge simultaneously to advance patient care for our communities.” 

Wesley adds that part of advancing patient care also means expanding care into new areas of the community to include an extension of the structural heart program at AdventHealth Celebration to include the TAVR program this month. 

Dr. Naushad Shaik with the AdventHealth team who performed the first-in-Central Florida Pulse Field Ablation (PFA) procedure on March 14, 2024. 

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