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The importance of UV-blocking sunglasses

American Academy of Ophthalmology survey confirms need for more eye protection BEACH, THE POOL, the lake; Central Floridians will be headed outdoors for fun and relaxation this summer. While most

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Healthy Skin: Seniors and the increased risk of skin cancer

OUR SKIN needs protection at any age, but it’s doubly important for seniors. As we age, the likelihood of developing skin cancer increases so much that nearly 50 percent of

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Healthy Skin: Not forsaking the most common cancer

CAN YOU NAME the most common form of cancer? For your health (and information!), the answer is, by far, skin cancer. The American Cancer Society maintains that of the main

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POP QUIZ … Sun exposure: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

A little skin protection knowledge now could save your life later LIVING IN THE SUNSHINE STATE, we’ve all heard about the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, it

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UV ray eye safety tips to remember

  In addition to the article about how to avoid heat stress – or worse – heat stroke on page 23, this month is also national UV Safety Month. The