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New year, New you!

How Polk County is Tackling Obesity and Residents are Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices Fifty-one year-old Ann Good topped 200 pounds last May. She lacked energy and was short of breath. Concerned about a family history of heart disease and diabetes, she decided to act. Today Good is 50 pounds lighter and breathing easier, in more …

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Mommy makeover

Regaining your shape after baby After the excitement of birthing a baby, women face an inevitable reality: the post partum belly. It takes time for the body to readjust, but there are ways to hasten weight loss and regain your figure more quickly. The good news is some of it comes naturally. Instead of lifting …

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Workout mistakes to avoid

Follow these tips to maximize your exercise routine When we exercise to lose weight, we may overlook an important weight-loss strategy: Food. “If we don’t eat, we decrease our workout or exercise potential,” says Marc A. Boults, a doctor of physical therapy and certified athletic trainer at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. For short workouts that …

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A new plan for the new you

Local spotlight on healthy weight-loss solutions “People who want to lose weight should consider going to a physician,” says Ralph J. Nobo, Jr., M.D., a gynecologist who has practiced in Bartow for 25 years. “When health issues arise, they’ll be detected more quickly than at a clinic. I’ve developed a weight program for my patients …

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