Dr. William Nerestant

Word of Mouth: Myths About Implants Debunked, Part III — Are they affordable?

IN MY LAST TWO COLUMNS, we debunked some common myths about the practicality and effectiveness of dental implants. Now let’s talk affordability. Nearly 70 percent of adults have lost a tooth, and the solutions are pretty straightforward: dental implants, bridges, or dentures. For most, dental implants are the best option, but misconceptions about their affordability …

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Word of Mouth: Your dentist is key to early cancer detection

IT SEEMS LIKE you hear about many different kinds of cancers these days, but one that isn’t being talked about enough is oral cancer. Cancer in the mouth and throat are diagnosed in nearly 50,000 Americans a year, and statistics show that only 57 percent of those diagnosed still will be living in five years.

Word of Mouth: Guard your mouth this sports season

NO MATTER the season, there’s always a variety of sports for kids and adults to participate in and enjoy. While the safety equipment requirements for many sports have increased over the years to prevent risk and injury, there’s one area that could use a bit more attention from the cheering section: the mouth guard.

Word of Mouth: The warnings of sensitive teeth

Any doctor or dentist will tell you that pain is a warning sign your body is sending to tell you something is amiss. Tooth sensitivity is no different. The sharp, quick pain you feel when you eat or drink something cold or hot is a warning sign to see your dentist.

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