Tips to Keep Your Mouth Happy During 4th of July Celebrations

Tips to Keep Your Mouth Happy During 4th of July Celebrations

The Fourth of July is a time of great celebration, and no one wants the fun times ruined by mouth pain or an unexpected trip to the dentist. Remember to take care to keep your mouth happy this Fourth of July during all of the fun and festivities by following a few easy tips.


Protect Your Oral Health This Fourth of July


Choose Water

Staying hydrated is a good idea anywhere in the country in July, but water has other benefits for your oral health as well. For one, water is a healthier choice over sugary sodas or acidic alcoholic beverage, both of which damage the enamel of your teeth. Water also helps wash away food particles and drink residue after eating.

Eat Healthy

There are a lot of different food choices at Fourth of July gatherings. Choose foods that are going to be healthy for your teeth and your body, such as fruits and vegetables, and cheese. Avoid foods that are sugary or extra hard.

Chew Sugarfree Gum

You’re likely not going to brush after every time you eat at a barbecue or cookout, but you can chew sugarfree gum and help remove food particles and increase the production of cavity-fighting saliva.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

One of the best way to chip a tooth or do serious damage to your mouth is to use your teeth to open bottles, bags, or packages. Use the appropriate tools instead.

End the Day With Oral Care

Whatever you do to celebrate the Fourth of July, end the day by taking care of your teeth and mouth. Make sure to brush well and floss before you call it a night.

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