Three Summer Safety Tips to Follow All Year ‘Round

Three Summer Safety Tips to Follow All Year ‘Round

Whether you’re at the park, in the water, or relaxing at home, there are three summer safety tips you should keep in mind to prevent injuries for you and your family.

As the end of the school year dawns the arrival of a new summer season, friends and family eagerly prepare for the fun, outdoor activities that lie ahead. Since June is National Safety Month, it is the perfect time to discuss the importance of maintaining one’s well-being amid this summertime excitement. During National Safety Month, communities, institutions, and organizations aim to raise awareness on how easily inadvertent injuries and casualties can happen at home, in the workplace, and outdoors– and how these unfortunate events can be prevented. The National Safety Council provides these suggestions so everyone can live a safer lifestyle, during the month of June and all year ’round:

Summer Safety Tip #1: Recognize playground hazards.

With school no longer in session, students can enjoy plenty of outside pastimes, such as fishing, playing sports, and venturing to the playground. Although, each of these activities serves their own set of safety precautions, parents should be cautious of what potential danger their park has in store for their child. To exemplify, the Childrens Safety Network claims that over 200,000 children are treated in the ER for injuries sustained on the playground. Before allowing their children to play, parents need to identify if the playground has the following safety hazards: protruding or sharp facets, potential entrapment pieces of equipment, or the lack of soft, protective surfaces. Florida is home to an array of beautiful, regional parks, such as the Lake Eva Community Park, Downtown Trailhead Park, and The Barnett Family Park.

Tip #2 for Safety During Summer, Learn CPR:

During the warm days of summer, going to the beach or water park is a great way of cooling down. However, swimming complications can arise at any given moment. The National Safety Council claims that over 3,000 people drowned in 2013, with ages 1-6 being the most at risk. With Florida’s mild winters and access to open waters, CPR is a must needed know-how. Polk County residents are in good fortune, for Citizen CPR is a local organization that offers non-certification trainings in AED usage and CPR. Having the readily available knowledge of CPR can be the lifesaving skill that prevents drowning-related fatalities.

Safety Tip #3 for Summer or Any Season: Prevent household falls.

After your outdoor adventures at the playground and beach, you can always return to the comfort of your own home. But be careful where you’re walking! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that on an annual basis, falling incidents account for more than 800,000 hospital treatments, amounting to approximately $31 billion in medical costs. This year’s first week of National Safety Month was dedicated to fall prevention, advising homeowners to rearrange furniture and household clutter for more walking space and to install grab bars or railings for rooms typically acquainted with falling accidents. It would also be in the best interest to consider purchasing walking devices or footwear that provides adequate stability.

It never hurts to take the necessary precautions in ensuring the well-being of yourself and others. Hopefully, these suggestions will come in handy for the summer and all year ’round. But don’t forget to have fun! For further information, follow Central Florida Health News on Facebook to learn more summer safety tips.