Healthy Mind, Healthy Life: Taking Time Off From Work or School

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life: Taking Time Off From Work or School

Whether you’re working at the office, school, or at home, maintaining a healthy mind should be a top priority.


When balancing the demands of family, friends, and work, one cannot help but feel occasionally exhausted. This arduous act of juggling life’s commitments tends to strain the tightrope of a healthy mind and body.

Recent news highlights this need to secure one’s mental health with the popularization of a single email. Working for the live chat software company, Olark, Madalyn Parker shared an email to her co-workers, explaining her absence with the prioritization of her mental health. She did not, however, expect a reply from her company’s CEO, Ben Congleton, who showed his appreciation of her mature choice to focus on what is an often neglected matter of importance: mental health. She tweeted out the email, which gained popular attention from news sources across the United States, leading to a plethora of debates and views on the subject of using sick time from your employer to take a mental health day. Let’s discuss the important aspects of maintaining mental health in the workplace and at school.


Statistics on Keeping Your Mind Healthy

Where one in five adults in America possess a psychological condition, and an increasing decline in access to proper treatments, the necessity of stabilizing mental health is even more apparent. Depression is one such mental health disorder that is prevalent in the adult workforce, with reported cases of depression and other anxiety mood disorders steadily rising over the years. Mental health disorders have a significant impact of businesses; Mental Health America claims that depression yields over $51 billion from absenteeism and $26 billion in treatment costs. These staggering figures could be alleviated with a company’s shift in focus to ensure the mental well-being of its workers. Allison Abrams of Psychology Today highlights four factors that businesses may consider implementing to produce an efficient environment that satisfies those with mental health needs: employee recognition, work-life balance, available mental health resources, and a healthy lifestyle. For further assistance in maintaining mental health, local Florida residents can turn to the Mental Health Resource Center in Winter Haven.

Mental health is a vital component in the lives of students as well. The stress from assignments, overwhelming peer pressure, and hyper obsession with technology are all pressing demands that strain a student’s mental health. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states that half of the individuals with mental illness experience onset by 14, rising to 75 percent by 24. Several factors lead to the formation of mental health disorders, such as depression, social anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The dropout rates increase too with those who have mental health disorders, making it important for parents to seek the care of professional guidance to treat their child’s disorder. Floridian parents should consider the Winter Haven Center for Behavioral Health and Hope Counseling for potential treatment care.

As someone who has first-hand experience with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I believe that the well-being of companies and schools rests on the shoulder of its members’ well-being, and therefore, these organizations should provide the necessary means in promoting the mental health of each person, even if it’s simple a day off. Recognize the signs of mental health disorders, so you can stay informed and help those that may need assistance.