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The Heart of the Matter: New study gives women one more good reason to get their mammograms

AS A CARDIOLOGIST who sees many female patients, I encourage all of them to receive regular mammograms in order to take preventive action and precautions against breast cancer. However, a

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Family Health: Hormone pellet implantation therapy for women

WOMEN WHO ARE going through menopause or are post-menopausal often turn to hormone replacement therapy as a way to improve libido, regulate mood, and improve bone density, as well as

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Life after coming off the reel of trauma

Beau Wilt shares his story of survival and healing after a near-fatal accident IF YOU’RE LUCKY, you’ll only ever hear the term “severe trauma” on the news or on a

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PCMA Letter: A look at men’s health and a save-the-date item

EVERY JUNE, Men’s Health Month is emphasized across the country with screenings, health fairs, and educational events. These efforts are to help ensure that every male, from boyhood to retirement

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Editor’s Dose: Simple reminders from great women

As I read Chris Hazelwood’s Q&A for the first time (article on page 14), I was inspired by her bravery and strength during a very challenging time in her life.

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Why the HPV Vaccine?

Every two minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer worldwide Cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine have entered the political debates around the country as well as discussions in the