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Medical Advice: Drain and cover reminders to prevent mosquito bites

AS FLORIDA’S LATE-AFTERNOON showers continue to roll in, the standing water around our homes, schools, and areas of recreation continue to swell. While this may put a damper on an


Health Facts: Getting to the heat of the matter

AS TEMPERATURES RISE in sunny Florida, so does your risk of developing heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Approximately 20 cases of heat stroke per 100,000 people occur annually, with at

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Medical Advice: ‘Savor the Flavor of Eating Right’ with these tips

MARCH MARKS the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is also the time when we celebrate National Nutrition Month and turn our focus on healthy eating.

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Publisher’s Note: The busy person’s baby steps along the path to better heart health

WE’VE ALL HEARD about the seven things you can do to keep healthy and prevent heart disease. (If you haven’t already, then don’t worry, because you’re about to.) They are

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Family Health: Set some simple goals to prioritize your health

EACH NEW YEAR brings the opportunity for new beginnings. When crafting your resolutions, be sure to prioritize your health by setting some simple goals.

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Editor’s Dose: Five habits that will help you feel (and look) better

WHEN I START to feel sluggish and stressed, there are a few steps I take to help get me back on track. Consequently, these steps also always help my appearance,

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Healthy Skin: Taking action against acne

IT’S TIME for back to school, and for teens with acne, this can be even more stressful. Acne is the papules and pustules that develop on the face, back, and

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Fishing safety tips to cast by

OUR SON has just turned four years old, and Daddy recently bought him a fishing pole. Our first mistake was that we only bought one for him, and not one

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Medical Advice: Swimming safety reminders for the water-bound

THE FLORIDA SUMMER is upon us, which means bathing suit and barbeque season is here. Summer swimming is the perfect way to cool off from the day’s heat. While playing

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Different waters mean different dangers

Know the potential hazards and how to use caution Summer has arrived once again. It’s time for barbecues, vacations, and fun in the sun. One of the more popular ways