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Urgency Versus Emergency: Know the Difference!

When you are sick or injured, the last thing on your mind is the cost.  Unfortunately, the high costs of the Emergency Room can leave you with a hurting wallet

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Family Health: Three reasons to visit urgent care

YOUR HEALTH is your most valuable commodity. Although medical problems are inevitable, you can control the way you respond to them. Urgent care has risen in popularity and is being

Departments Health News

Family Health: Urgent vs. emergency care

WHEN A SUDDEN illness or injury strikes, it can be stressful to decide where to seek medical attention. Though your primary-care physician is the best place to start, illness and

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Is an urgent illness or injury always an emergency?

Whether you’re suddenly stricken with a migraine or fever, a visit to your primary- care doctor is not always an option. Due to a reduction in available primary-care appointments and