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Healthy Smiles: Preventive care can save your money and your health

PREVENTIVE CARE care can save you thousands! It sounds incredible, but it’s true! Brushing your teeth for two full minutes and taking another minute flossing, twice a day, can help

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Word of Mouth: ‘Wise’ advice for back-to-school oral care

WHILE WISDOM TEETH don’t make you smarter, they do usually come in when you are in your late teens or early 20s — a time when you’re expected to start

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Turning the tide of tooth decay with proper pediatric dental care

| Teaching healthy habits to children now prevents oral health problems later | MANY OF US EXPECT cavities if we neglect brushing our teeth. But we may not recognize how

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PCMA Letter: Here to help you live a safe and healthy life

AS PHYSICIANS, we understand that healthy lifestyle choices are key to a long and fruitful life. It’s important to look at all aspects of your daily health routine, including how

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Healthy Cook: Food that helps keep teeth strong

WE EACH GET one set of permanent teeth. At least, we hope they are permanent. More than just brushing and flossing can help us keep them pearly white, strong, and

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Word of Mouth: How cavities develop

Cavities are one of the most common issues affecting our teeth. A mainstay of childhood dental concerns, cavities can also affect adults. Knowing how cavities develop is vital to protecting