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Caring For Seniors: Technology Helps

Four Ways Technology can Benefit Senior Patients It’s long been a cliché that seniors are wary of all the “new-fangled” technology that comes out, but we in the home healthcare

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Practicing in the field of telemedicine

Do the risks still far outweigh the benefits? THE HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE has changed radically in recent years. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, expanding roles for nurse practitioners and physician

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Cybersecurity: Protecting your electronic health records

WITH THE INCREASED use of technology comes increased risk of cyberattacks. Anything transmitted or stored electronically is at risk of being stolen by a hacker.

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For providers: Notes for 2015 HIPAA budget and projects

WHEN IT COMES TO HIPAA enforcement and liability, one could say that “the hits just keep on coming!” If you have not had the time to experience the riveting read

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Neighborhood watch on hot technologies

  The Newest, Cutting-Edge Procedures Unfolding in the Local Medical Community When the aortic valve narrows, causing chest pain, breathlessness, and weakness, surgery to repair or replace the valve is

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Modernizing patient records workflow

Moving your office from fax to encrypted email Physician’s offices are under increasing pressure to produce a more efficient, compliant, and secure workflow to handle all aspects of patient communications.

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Pancreatic cancer: The next frontier

Developing treatments and therapies to fight this disease Pancreatic cancer research has proven the advantage of combination therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy when given after surgical resection.  Unfortunately, there

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Focusing on quality and safety

  One-of-a-Kind Medical Training Facility Open in Tampa The University of South Florida is taking to heart the old adage “practice makes perfect.” Their new medical training facility in downtown Tampa, which

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Seeing the world through new eyes

Intra-Ocular lens implants Technological advancements in Ophthalmology continue to amaze me even after 25 years of practice. In the past few years there has been an explosion in new intraocular