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Editor’s Dose: All I Want for Christmas is… Less Stress!

Well, the Christmas season is here. Another year has come and gone, and we’re staring down the future at the threshold of 2015. But, before I get too far ahead

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Healthy Cook: When stress is holding your eating habits hostage

Eating is soothing. It satisfies a primal urge. When life is getting to be too much and stress sets in, food can be your friend. The more stress, the more

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Good vs. bad stress at work

How to recognize and change patterns that effect your physical and mental health Eustress (a.k.a., Good Stress) Promotion/increased responsibilities: Everyone enjoys being recognized for his/her accomplishments, and when a promotion

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Pop Quiz: Is work-related stress affecting your health?

Find out where strain at work may lurk and if the stress is helping or hindering your well-being. We’ve all heard before that jobs can be stressful, but could your

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Seven work-related issues that may affect your health

Disease saps our energy. Our productivity slips, we miss work or school, and our healthcare expenses rise. We may blame our work, or work environment, for the illness. But that

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Medicine by design

  Layouts and Interior Design Strategies that Curb Stress, Promote Healing Healing gardens. Aquariums. Private rooms. Descriptions for some of Central Florida’s hospitals and doctors’ offices make them sound more

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Body, Mind & Spirit: Curb the stress of school expenses

  When bills start piling up at the start of the school year, stress levels also rise. There may be anger, or feelings of deprivation as favorite extracurricular activities are