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Editor’s Dose: Daily steps toward a healthier heart — so you don’t skip a beat

IN MY FAMILY, there is a history of a blood disease, which causes the person to produce too many red blood cells. This, in turn, causes the blood to be

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Medical Advice: Five easy steps to preserve a man’s health

JUNE IS MEN’S HEALTH MONTH. This is an important time of year to bring heightened awareness to preventable health problems and encourage routine doctor’s visits for early detection and treatment

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Editor’s Dose: Four things to help you reduce anxiety

BETWEEN WORK AND FAMILY, I think you’ll agree when I say it’s easy to feel the stress. When to-do lists are growing faster than you can cross off the items,

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Family Health: Set some simple goals to prioritize your health

EACH NEW YEAR brings the opportunity for new beginnings. When crafting your resolutions, be sure to prioritize your health by setting some simple goals.

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Editor’s Dose: Five habits that will help you feel (and look) better

WHEN I START to feel sluggish and stressed, there are a few steps I take to help get me back on track. Consequently, these steps also always help my appearance,

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Healthy Smiles: How well do you and your partner sleep?

SNORING IS NO is no laughing matter. We all know someone who snores. Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, which can lead to daytime fatigue, irritability, poor behavior,

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Shhh! Culture of quiet time encourages healing

Local Hospitals Helping Patients to Rest and Sleep   We live hectic lives filled with noise from audible alarms, phones, cars, planes, barking dogs, and human voices. But things are

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Shhh! Quiet times encouraging patients to rest and sleep

We live hectic lives filled with noise from audible alarms, phones, cars, planes, barking dogs, and human voices. But things are getting quieter at some medical facilities: They have begun focusing

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Medical advice: 8 simple tips to sounder sleep

  Sure, there’s plenty to worry about these days: The economy, job security and family issues. It’s enough to lose sleep over. Not that we need any help from sleep