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Signs and symptoms: Q&A on preventing and reversing acne

Acne. By definition it is a condition, but by experience it is one of the most frustrating skin problems to those afflicted. Dr. William Roth is a board-certified dermatologist and

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Signs & Symptoms: Understanding the warning signs of a stroke

A stroke requires immediate hospital care, but most Americans don’t recognize the symptoms of this potentially deadly “brain attack.” This widespread lack of awareness often results in preventable long-term disabilities.

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Signs & Symptoms

  Seeing the Forest for the Trees with Prognostic Factor Testing Prognostic factor testing is critical for directing proper therapy in individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. We have known for

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Signs & symptoms: When your skin needs medical attention

  As a surgeon who often treats and cares for patients whose ailments of the skin have gone too long without medical attention, I’d like to talk about the importance