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Editor’s Dose: A thank-you note to teachers and educators

AS A MOTHER, you experience so many emotions on the first day of school. You want your child to be excited, confident, and safe. But, you also have a countless

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Don’t sleep on it! Tips for making the morning routine more stress-free

AS A MOTHER of four, I’m constantly looking for ways to make more efficient use of my time, especially when it comes to the morning routine. With all four kids

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Reducing stress during your back-to-school shopping

THE FIRST DAY of school for public schools in Polk County is August 24. By the time this note hits the street, the pressures to have all the supplies taken

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Healthy Smiles: Time for a back-to-school smile that shines

SMILES ARE IMPORTANT. They can boost your self-image in a way that helps you focus on what’s really important, like making the grade at school or acing that interview for

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Word of Mouth: ‘Wise’ advice for back-to-school oral care

WHILE WISDOM TEETH don’t make you smarter, they do usually come in when you are in your late teens or early 20s — a time when you’re expected to start

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Medical Advice: Back-to-school tips and the 5-2-1-0 program

AS STUDENTS and families prepare to return to school, the Florida Department of Health in Polk County (FDOH-Polk) would like to take this opportunity to remind them to take the

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Family Health: It’s time for back-to-school physicals

THE ARRIVAL of summer means it’s time for your child’s back-to-school physical. Since classes in Polk County public schools begin August 24, now is the perfect time to make your

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Pediatric Health: How sick is too sick for school?

With flu season in full swing, it can be hard to know if your child is too sick for school or just feeling slightly under the weather. Oftentimes, it can

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Healthy way to school

Join the nation by ditching the bus or car and walking or bicycling to school. The choice is yours – will you walk or bike to school? Each year since

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Editor’s Dose: Helping you get ready for a new school year

  In this special edition of Central Florida Health News, we’re taking a good, detailed look at the challenges of helping our kids make healthy lifestyle choices, especially when you