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Love at First-Aid

Tips for Keeping Guests Safe and Healthy During Wedding Events by MARY TOOTHMAN Many brides begin to plan their special day as little girls — imagining just the right pillowy

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Making senior health a walk in the park

A Q&A with Dr. Manuel Jain on prevention and safety as you age CENTRAL FLORIDA HEALTH NEWS (CFHN): What do you share with your senior patients about the importance of

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Giving strength a boost and giving the ails of aging the boot

American College of Sports Medicine recommends weightlifting for senior health SENIOR CITIZENS, take note: A recent study shows you can boost brain power and bone density by pumping iron.

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Publisher’s Note: The Florida resident’s risk for skin cancer

IN THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News, we bring to light the importance of sun safety and how you can protect yourself from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays that lead

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Publisher’s Note: Putting our ‘safety’ cap on

BESIDES JUNE being Men’s Health Month, it’s also National Safety Month. How we hope to help make a difference in the community by bringing to light some safety topics that

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Fishing safety tips to cast by

OUR SON has just turned four years old, and Daddy recently bought him a fishing pole. Our first mistake was that we only bought one for him, and not one

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Take it from a nurse who knows!

Four things you should expect during your hospital stay FROM THE TIME you arrive and are admitted, throughout your treatment, and until the time you are discharged, there are some

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Hospice Help: Safe as a patient in your own home

ALTHOUGH WE USUALLY associate the month of March with the first bloom of flowers, falling in love and the beginning of spring, there is another annual celebration that occurs. March

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In My Opinion: Key factors in preventing liability risks

Central Florida Doctor (CFDr): In your opinion, what are some key factors in preventing liability risks? Dr. Carlos Romero: I believe the development of a risk-management program is an essential

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Pop Quiz: Are your halls decked with dangers?

‘Tis the season for health and safety, so test your knowledge to make sure your home is not a potential holiday hazard. “Deck the halls with…”— well, with safety precautions. Even