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Recipe Spotlight: Lamb and Barley Soup & Easter Ham

by Trent Rowe, Food Editor This month’s Recipe Spotlight is focused on the Easter Holiday. Like I mentioned in the April edition of Central Florida Health News, holidays always have

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Chat and Chew group meets to address heart health and diet

Cookbook authors offer wisdom to attendees over Skype at this free event IF YOU THINK olive oil is the healthiest way to add flavor when cooking healthy meals, you might

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Healthy Cook: Springtime treats with a tropic guava twist

What would a Cuban turnover be without guava paste? Bland! Guava is a New World fruit that has spread over much of the warm parts of the globe. Guavas come

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Healthy Cook: Dad’s special dinner, made healthier

Here we go again. It’s Father’s day. A tie he won’t wear? A fishing lure he probably won’t have time to use? A 6-pack of imported beer? Getting something for

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Delicious food and the diabetic’s diet

It’s in the Bag Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high glucose levels caused by insufficient production of insulin. That’s a fairly simple definition for a disease that

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Here’s looking at you, egg

  One of nature’s greatest inventions has to be the egg. Chickens (and chicken farmers) have it down to a science. A hen will lay eggs that won’t produce chicks,

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Healthy Cook: Easy and delicious ways to cook fish

In the culinary world we find ourselves in today, it seems as though many unhealthy foods have crept their way onto our tables and into our laps while driving. With

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Sweet recipe ideas for you and your sweetheart

  Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet And has calories, too.   Candy and flowers are traditional Valentine gifts. Diamonds are a close runner-up. There are no

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Healthy Cook: Fill up, feel good, and get fit with a plum satisfying food

  Want a cheap, portable and healthy treat for the busy days of summer? Nutrition experts say to stock up on dried plums. Sweet, earthy and luscious on the inside

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Healthy cook: Save your summer diet with canned salmon

  If you had to pick up a precooked, trimmed and ready-to-serve protein at the supermarket, you’d expect to pay a premium for the convenience. After all, someone else is