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Medical Update: Men’s Urination Problems

Physician Now Offering UroLift® Procedure for Men with Urination Problems Dr. Kenneth Essig, a Winter Haven urological surgeon, has become the first doctor in Polk County to offer the minimally

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Man-to-Man Talk: Preventing Cancer and Other Health Risks

A Cancer Survivor and a Local Physician Share their Unique Perspectives Arnold Henig was 69 years-old when he was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), a type of cancer that occurs

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Take it from a patient who knows: Learning healthy habits in the classroom of life

MIKE NOLAND has been through the school of hard knocks. He has survived heart disease, cancer, and alcoholism. At 77, he’s a survivor who’s learned — sometimes the hard way

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Men’s health through the generations

From grandfather to grandson, turning healthy choices into habits IT’S A HEALTH-CONSCIOUS AGE we live in, as study after study shows the short and long-term benefits of eating healthy, exercising,

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When all signs point to prostate cancer

Q&A with Dr. Byron Hodge on cryotherapy Central Florida Health News (CFHN): How long has cryotherapy been a treatment option for prostate cancer? Dr. Hodge: Cryotherapy or freezing has been

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High-Tech Hope

Advances offer prostate cancer patients many options for a cure “Every man dies, but no man needs to die from prostate cancer,” says Dr. William Catalona, a renowned urologist at