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Pop Quiz: Is your home fall-proof?

Falling is the most common cause of household injuries. It is especially dangerous for older Americans, as a fall can be fatal or have serious long-term affects like physical impairment,

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Pop Quiz: Pedestrian rules of the Road

Test Your Knowledge of Pedestrian Safety and Prevent a Fatal Injury or Death! Polk County ranks at the top of many lists, but one high ranking that definitely needs to

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Pop Quiz: The reality of breast cancer in men

Test your knowledge and be prepared to prevent and detect Breast cancer awareness is generally directed at women, but it’s a disease that can affect men as well, albeit at

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Pop Quiz: What’s your Medicare IQ?

A Test that Will Help You Get Smarter About Your Coverage For youngsters, autumn means going back to school. For seniors and those who qualify, fall signals that it’s Medicare

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Pop Quiz: Are you a ‘good’ patient?

Find Out if You Make the Grade, and Learn Some Tips along the Way It’s not easy being hurt, sick or suffering from a long-term disease or condition, but achieving

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QUIZ: How well do you know Americans 50 and up? [Home & Shopping]

How well do you know what Americans 50+ are buying and using around the home?  Take our quiz and find out! 1. What percentage of adults 50+ have spent $100

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Pop Quiz: Are you setting realistic fitness goals?

Nine questions to help you get on your way to success Diets, exercise, gym memberships… getting fit is a goal that many people share, yet few achieve. Obesity is a

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Pop Quiz: Is your child at risk for cyberbullying?

Quiz your knowledge so you can recognize the warning signs and help prevent the worst from happening A mean text message… a social media profile filled with vicious rumors… an

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Pop Quiz: How to alleviate mobility issues

Test your knowledge of mobility precautions to help keep your senior loved one active and safe As we age, our ability to move changes as well, going from one extreme

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Pop Quiz: Establishing a solid oral care foundation

Will your child have a future Filled with healthy smiles? Teeth add to your smile, allow you to enjoy delicious foods, and rip apart that plastic wrap off your new