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Family Health: Three reasons to visit urgent care

YOUR HEALTH is your most valuable commodity. Although medical problems are inevitable, you can control the way you respond to them. Urgent care has risen in popularity and is being

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Publisher’s Note: The most comprehensive medical directory for the region is here!

THIS MONTH marks a very special time of year for us at Central Florida Media Group. Inserted within this issue of Central Florida Health News, you’ll find the sixth annual

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Ask a Physician Who Knows! — Understanding your medical records

1. What is a medical record? Every time you see a medical health provider, a record is kept of what transpired during the visit. These records are kept by physicians,

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Help available for ICD-10 coding transition

MOST OF THE POPULATION may proceed beyond October 1 completely unaware of major changes in the coding system used for medical billing purposes.

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On the Pulse: Physicians and medical staff new to the area expand available patient services

THE GOINGS-ON in the medical field never slows down, even as spring turns to lazy summer! New providers, new procedures, and new successes are happening every day at your friendly

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Take it from a pharmacist who knows!

Seven things you should always ask your local pharmacy 1. Are there any lower-cost alternatives to this prescription? Your pharmacist and doctor can always help you come up with the

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Florida’s ranking in the best and worst states for doctors

New report helps reveal Florida’s workplace advantages and disadvantages for practicing physicians WHEN EXAMINING CAREERS, there are few jobs considered to be as esteemed as that of a physician. Being

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PCMA Letter: ‘Thank you’ can make all the difference

AS WE ENTER the month of May, our thoughts often turn to Mother’s Day, the end of the school year for our children, prom night for our youth, Memorial Day,

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Publisher’s Closing Thoughts: Happy anniversary, Central Florida Health News!

APRIL MARKS the coming of spring, and with the new season, many of us think of where we’ve come from and where we are going. This time of year also

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PCMA Letter: Staying healthy as you age doesn’t have to be puzzling

THIS EDITION of Central Florida Health News, the Senior Edition, addresses essential health conditions for you to consider (both for the present and as you age). Some of these topics